Thursday, March 23, 2006

Apostasy Issue #0 (Part 2)...

Here is the second installment True Believers!

Mikael gets himself in a bit of a bind in this one. One that seems... familiar somehow.

This will be the last episode for a bit as the next set will probably not be posted until at least 4 parts are done. This issue looks like it will probably end up being around 40 pages.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Apostasy Issue #0 (Part 1)...

This issue turns a new page in the making of the series. Richard Boisvert has joined me in making the series as the primary poser.

With the current drought of comics due to a recent Steam update for Half-Life 2 that wrecked G-mod, we decided to post the first part to Issue Zero.

You will notice in the comic, pages 2 and 3 run off the edge of the page. That is because it is meant to be a 2-page splash. If you LOOK HERE you can see what the pages look like together.

All right True Believers, Here is the beginning of the GIANT-SIZED prequel...