Monday, September 05, 2005

Things go from bad... to worse...

I have been battling with my PC for a few weeks since it seems to reboot every 5 - 10 minutes. I have tried to reinstall windows a few times and have come to the conclusion that it is probably the Asus motherboard of my PC. Having no real money to replace really any of the parts, I am not sure I am going to be able to contine the comic.

I will keep you all posted on these horrid developments.

EDIT (1:00 am): Seems it might be the built in RAID controller (which I do not use), uninstalled the drivers and disabled in the BIOS. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

EDIT (Tue 9-6-05, 10:30 pm): So far so good. It does seem to be the RAID controller. I have not had a reboot all night. Going to re-install World of Warcraft tonight to test it further. WoW caused almost as many reboots as HL2 and Gmod did, so I think this will give me a final answer.

EDIT (Wed 9-7-05, 1:15 pm): Okay... so it is not the RAID controller. Now it seems that the problem is one of the sets or my Corsair XMS RAM. I put a second set of 512s in about a month ago, these I suspected right away and they seemed to not be the problem. Last night I took the old set (which I have had for 9 months) and put the new ones in, and it ran WoW for a couple of hours. It still rebooted once but this is a vast improvement. Running some memory tests today.

EDIT (5:00 pm): So much for that. It is not the RAM, almost certainly the motherboard that I spent over $300 on. Not sure where this leaves things at this point.

EDIT (Sun 9-11-05, 2:30 pm): I have a motherboard to test with. I am also getting a new, better heatsink today (I need one reguardless). I have noticed that when I crank my A/C it doesn't seem to happen. While Intel processors do not reboot due to overheating, perhaps the motherboard is doing it to protect the PC. More later.

EDIT (Sat 9-17-05, 6:00 pm): Okay... not much posted recently because I was so frustrated I had to take a small break. Here is an update... I have solved the overheating problem with a CoolerMaster heatsink and fan... problem is it still has done it a few times. Good news is, that it is way less that it was before. Also, I have started testing the RAM chips one at a time. All of the reboots since the heatsink install have been memory related errors. Seems we are getting close. More coming!

EDIT (Sun 9-18-05, 11:45pm): I think I have found the bad RAM chip.