Tuesday, August 30, 2005

6 Degrees of Chobot...

Recently, I have been talking to Jessica Chobot for a bit about doing an interview for her WTF column on IGN.com.

So last week I was going through some old graphics files, looking for something. I ran across these old photos I saved from an old friend Leanne's blog, who I knew when I lived in Chicago. I have a tendency to save photos people post online and not organize them at all, so they are scattered all over. I saw this one of Leanne, who married an ex-coworker I used to work with in Chicago And what did I see on the left...

I kept thinking to myself my goodness, that looks like Jessica Chobot... and I am thinking back... Leanne HAD a friend named Jessica... bottom line, this is her.


Oh... and be sure to check out Jessica's WTF #11 on IGN.insider.