Monday, July 04, 2005

Featured in FHM Magazine U.K. Edition...

FHM Magazine, has a full page about "Apostasy" in the August issue of their U.K. edition. FHM is known for its covers with great looking women. It is a great honor for me as it is the first non-gaming magazine I have been featured in.

Here is a shot of the page someone sent me.
The Next Level
It's nerd nirvana! Video games and comics! But actually quite good...

PC GAME blockbuster Half-Life 2 may have left libraries, Dungeons and Dragons gatherings and re-enactment societies empty as geeks camped at their PCs, shooting the tar out of pretend, pixellated alien beasties. But at least spoddy Illinois resident James Brandt turned his love of the game into something creative. Using a manipulating programme called Garrys Mod, James - or "Brashfink" as he prefers to be called - has clearly spent days setting up his own in-game scenes, screen-grabbing the results, and then fashioning them into his own cartoon called Apostasy. The comic, now on its third edition, follows three characters whose story interweaves with the game's narrative. It's great and lives here: Oh, and for God's sake don't strain your brain trying to work out the story in the comic here. We've just picked the best bits that look nice...

Happy 4th of July

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