Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Line Up Change...

Allen Evans switches his role on the series in the forthcoming issue #3 from Editing to writing. Allan will become the primary writer for the "Jack" plot line of the series. I had always planned on him doing some writing, but had planned on him doing both writing and editing, but...

Michael K Clements, PHWComics Founder, creator of several comics including "Ban Wars" and an all around good chum of mine from across the pond has joined as Editor. He will do his best to try to help keep my error-laden self at bay. Now if we can just keep the British and American spellings straight.

John Evers, also joins up as a writer. Unlike Allan who is helping me write as well as script, John will be helping me with overall story high-concept and continuity with what is known from the games. He is very well versed in the Half-Life storyline from both games and all of the expansions. Among his other talents as a Philosophy grad student, we works as a bartender in the bar where I wrote the basic story outline. The first night I met John, we both drank and talked about Half-Life for over 2 hours. On top of it all too boot, the guy looks just like Gordon Freeman.

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