Monday, May 30, 2005

Mossman at Black Mesa & more...

I have been getting so much response on this, I decided I needed to make a post explaining a few things I feel about the story of the game Half-Life.

1) The Metro Cops are cyborgs (or brainwashed)...
No, I do not believe this at all. My main proof of this is Barney. I feel that it would be almost impossible to infiltrate them if they were. On top of that, whats to say that he infiltrated in the first place? He might have just been assigned the job, after all... he was a security officer before all this anyway, right? The cyborgs are the soldiers. If fact, I am not sure the soldier ever were human so to speak. I feel they are something created by the Combine, not unlike the lifeforms the Combine used to make striders and gunships. Which brings up another idea that some think... I believe these things are not piloted. They are also cyborgs that are controlled through some kind of network -- this is why when Jack finds the A.P.C. he says it is doesn't have a steering wheel like the ones in the city. It is driven through some other means.

2) Civil Protection is not Overwatch...
This I mulled over for a long time and no, I am not 100% sure of this. The main reason I came to my conclusion is from the Half-Life Saga Story Guide site. I feel overwatch is bigger than just Civil Protection... C.P. is a part of Overwatch if you will. Furthermore, I feel that the soldiers are not controlled by Breen. He can ask for assistance, perhaps get them to do some things, but they are controlled by the Combine (through the network I mentioned before). Where he has direct control of Civil Protection. I believe Overwatch is a term that Breen came up with for his portion of earth's control.

3) Mossman did not work at Black Mesa...
Again, I don't remember anything that says directly that she did not work there. There was a statement that she was jealous of a position that Freeman got there. To me this suggests that she did work there, but did not get some kind of promotion. My main reason for this line of thinking is that Mossman would not know about a position at a top secret facility unless she worked there herself. In fact, in my story i expand this idea a bit. Mossman is a few years older than Gordon, and was trying to get that position, but Gordon got it straight out of grad school and she is resentful of this.

If someone can prove different (esp. on the Mossman one) I would like proof (and just saying "no, it is this way" is not proof). It is easily changed (I can just make Mossman say "No, I did not work there, but I know some that did").

If anyone at VAVLe can sound off on this, that would be great (and no, just saying "Hi I work at VALVe" is not proof either, or course). I want this to be as close to game continuity as it can be, but at this point this is my philosophy and where the story is going.

Take care.

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