Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Half-Life Saga Story Guide

The Half-Life Saga Story Guide is a site that gives a lot of the backstory that is not overly explained in the game Half-Life 2. It contains a timeline, some expanded info and a FAQ. A lot of the information comes from the book Raising the Bar (This book is incredible. It shows concepts, backstory, the voice-actors and more).

A lot of people are curious as to why almost no exposition is in the game itself. I think the guide above explains this best in thier FAQ...
"... they assume you already know. That'd be like you having to inform a U.S. soldier fighting in Afghanistan about the events of 9/11. You assume he knows what's going on, because (obviously) it happened in his lifetime, and not only that, he's already fighting to rid the world of the people who planned the attacks. So you'd naturally assume that he was aware of recent history. This is precisely why everyone in City 17 assumes that Gordon (the player) also lived through the Portal Storms, because they changed the world so much that everyone was affected by them."
For anyone who has not played the game Half-Life 2 and is curious about the story you can see a pretty good breakdown of the events in the game at the Half-Life Fallout website in this article. It may help you to see and understand some of the things that will weave with the story in the comic. Keep in mind if you are still planning on playing the game on PC or the upcoming release on Xbox later this year, you should not read this, as it contains spoilers.

Enjoy! (Only 11 days and counting...)